Violet Eclectic

by Alexander Brandon



This is intended to be a musical journey. Not something to just bob your head to or play in the background. A trip to a new world. I hope you enjoy it.


released June 21, 2011

All music produced and performed by Alexander Brandon except "Shrinking", with guest lyrics and vocals by Kurt Larson of Information Society.



all rights reserved


Alexander Brandon Georgetown

Alexander Brandon has been a digital composer for over 25 years, producing scores for some of the most well known game titles such as "Deus Ex", "Unreal" and "Unreal Tournament". Alex currently runs an audio production group with his wife Jeanette, "Funky Rustic", in Texas, and wishes his music to be heard by as many as possible.

May your ears savor the delicacies within.
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Track Name: Shrinking
Always feeling like the wrong one
Never looking like the strong ones
No one knows or cares what you do
Nothing about you would make anyone want to
know you
Find someone to justify you
Someone with a hole inside him
Telling him you'll confide in him ... only

Thinking slowly
You feel lowly
Make him lonely
He'll know only you

Make him into something you own
Stay aware of where his mind goes
Shut him out but know what he feels
Focus on him keep him close at home you know he's your shield
Trying to regain that deep feel
Wanting desperately to know you
Watch him twist around as he grows ... small-er

Shrinking slowly
He feels lowly
Makes you lonely
He knows only you

Watch him listening
Hear him looking
Feel him hurting
Show him you'll always be alone
Track Name: Check It Out
Relax yourself on a b set plan take another look at how you roll with the clan and now the world’s a testament to everything exponential.
Sometimes you got lyrics, sometimes instrumental. Take a step back, turn back the clock. When all is said and done does it still tick tock? Or does it
beat like a heart in tune with the times, not enough clicks hits or rhymes.

Check it out.

Take a look at ourselves how far we’ve come and yet the the rhythms the same, same beat, same drum, same tempo, same change of key, how we gonna
shake it up and bring you to your knees. Can you follow me? Or am I going too fast, if I’m gonna make it cool I’m gonna make it to last, take it all the way in and you can ride along cause this ain’t about the way to make the same song.

Check it out.